So it has been a while since my last post so here is the latest update. I am now working a new shiny federal IT contract. It’s wonderful and pays well. The only draw back is that I’m no longer actively doing networking. On the good side my job has plenty of opportunities to move into the networking team as long as I am patient and keep my ears open. I am doing the practice tests through New Horizen to prep for my Microsoft Server 2008 exams. I am now on the Active Directory one. I have also enrolled into school again to finnish up my AS in CIS. The only classes that I have to take are general education. I will be done with school in a few semesters. A bit more towards my personal life I have moved into a place where it’s just me and my primary partner. Thank the goddess for that. The whole roommate thing was not working to well. The new apartment is finally clean and ready for my to start hooking up my server and reconfiguring the network so i can play around with things and keep current. For the server I need to get more hdd space and to reconfigure the OS. I’m going to be dual running Microsoft Server 2008 and SUSE. I chose those so that I can keep up to date on both. Hopefully after I have completed my CCNA certification I can get certified in SUSE, VMWare, and look at more Cisco certifications. Well that is the news up to date. Below will be the new tech link for the day.





Okay so finally had a slow day at work. Work has been good. I am going to be in Seattle for my birthday this year. Got a wedding to go to. I will be taking my first Microsoft server exam soon. I’m nervous and excited all at the same time.


This weekend was great. I got to see my dad and did some Portland pride things. This morning is slow. I have some more inventory things to do and that’s about it. I feel like I can’t wake up tho.. err…


Today is probably going to be blahh.. I have so much to do and my office looks like it’s been taken over by cables. Reminds me of my cable crimping dream minus the crimper. Well off to find a Key saver thing.. Mer only halfs awakes….. -.-


Okay so I got caught up here at work sorry. It been a bit hectic. I have my own office now though and it locks.. Yay! Well got some sun this last weekend and am going to get some more so yay again. I requested my voucher for my first test to get my cert for win. server 2008. That’s going to be fun (not). I really hate testing but it is something that I need to do. -left sigh- Well gotta build a machine today so I better get going.


So today is a wonderful day. Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days but I was up to my eyeballs in old hardware. That’s finally dealt with. Got a decent few things from it. Made a good friend with another company. All is good here at work. I love it here. My boss loves that she asks me to do something and I get right on it. The head boss is wonderful and easy going so that’s always helpful. Well off to my daily things today. 🙂


So today waking up is way easier. Maybe it’s due to me not being as sore from gardening. I have some good work to do. Might have a phone meeting with some people at one but I don’t know yet. Not many things to talk about today so I’m out for now.


So the head boss of my company came back from vacation today. First day that I’m going to be working with him here. It’s going to be interesting I hope. This morning started off kinda slow for me, even left my work keys at home, derp on me this morning. It’s going to be an interesting day to say the lease.


Today is starting out wonderful. I Have task to do here at work, I woke up in a great mood, I get to see a friend today that I haven’t seen in a while, and I am paying the last payment on my car today. It will be all paid for by noon today. I’m excited for all sorts of things today. I’m going get my test set up for Microsoft exam 70-640 within a week or so. That is the Active Directory Configuration one. It’s test one of three for my Win. Server. 2008 certification. I have realized as of yesterday that while people here at work know the systems we are working for network wise I may have a better knack for it than them. That took me be surprise but I think If I can show that wonderful side of networking off then I will definitely have a bit more job security. Well I have a client to call. Yay outlook. lol.


So this morning is going well. Took a bit longer for me to wake up. I found out about sun powered roads. Its kinda awesome. I will be posting some info on that on my panda news page. Work is going great. I’m being involved in a good amount of things. My boss is greatful that she doesn’t have to micromanage what I’m doing. I never did understand why people just say around until they were told to do something. Action is much better than words and if you show your company that you are willing to put the man hours and brain power into your work than they are more likely to give you more things to do as well as trust you more. I also see is as being a good person. I’m paid to do work not just shrug things off and do nothing.